Top Ten Armies 2/19/17

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I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees

First and foremost, sorry Tomb. I was never a true Night Warrior and you could tell that just by reading my words. Drake is a true Night Warrior, and all I cared about at the time was fulfilling what he wanted to do, which was make NW great. We did just that, with the world against us. This year, the bots were just too much for us to handle, and therefore caused our implosion. Congratulations. You’ve defeated me. You won. I lost. But, I somehow still have an undying ambition. I still have blood pumping in my veins and for that reason I will continue to do what I’ve been doing for the past 5 years.

I’m desperately regretful for destroying what Unk trusted me with. It’s too late for me to restart the DW legacy, but I will preserve it here.

Until the end. I will conquer one last time.

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Our Plight to Reclaim Legitimacy

I’ve never really thought I would be the one to take the stand. Out of many people in our community, I didn’t think I would be the one to finally do this. However, this is a matter I can’t simply let go by for any longer… I can’t stand looking around me and seeing the same exact issue in every corner. Here’s my call to the community.

Club Penguin Armies.

Get it in your head. We are ARMIES. We are groups of infantry, and our goal as leaders is to prove our dominance on the battlefield. However, it seems we have been somehow swayed to delusion. Over time, our brains have become so clogged that we habitually are programmed to do whatever we possibly can to get the highest Top Ten score. Leaders are ordering their troops to retreat because they see their enemy is most likely going to defeat them. Some leaders even ignore defenses of their own nation, because they have less on their chat than their foe. Have us leaders begun to seriously prioritize a score that is definitely not precise, to decide what we do in our daily regiment?

When have we dropped the “We will NOT capitulate,” and picked up the “I’m gonna guess we will lose… run away ^.^!” When have us, leaders, commanders, decided it would be better to tell our own very soldiers it’s a better idea to run and hide than charge, even if it may be imminent defeat. Even if you are ordering yourselves to certain doom, when is it ever an idea of grandeur to capitulate? A very recent example of a tactically bad decision to retreat was during the Christmas Chaos finals, where RPF had managed to get around 15 in the room, but left anyway because they believed that their loss would be certain. It’s a topic that can be debated for a very long time, however I don’t really care how it started. But, I do believe we can form a consensus on something else. It needs to end.

I profusely suggest change. In fact, I demand it. But there’s no way I can do this myself. This is a call to all army leaders, a call to the troops who have been impacted. If you’re a leader, do your entire army a favor and stand by your own words. Be aware you’ve been given a job that can only be held by the most intellectual, strategically aware, and assertive. To the soldiers who hardly get time on the battlefield, demand change. Demand that you never give up, that you never give the enemy the win because it seems imminent. We would not exist if we didn’t keep fighting. If we had given up, then we all would have been in the cemetery by now.

There are innumerable problems with the current state of armies… but, in order to successfully restore ourselves to our former glory, we must unify, eliminate our problems one by one. We must understand we are indeed not flawless, and we must understand none of our problems will suddenly glue itself back together unless we provide the glue. I expect all leaders, all people who want change, and want to see ourselves in our former season of gold; to get a move on.

ACP never gave up here.. they were able to leave the battlefield KNOWING they would not win. They left knowing what to do differently next time.

And like I’ve said in the past, I request an Army Summit to the CPAC CEO due to the current state of emergency in armies. We’re falling deeper into this pit, and eventually there will be no way out. We keep saying that we have problems, but nobody is providing solutions. This needs to change, and with haste. Let’s get to work.


-Xxtoysoldier NW Leader

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Protected: The Creed Of Success

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The Fallacy of a Preclude

I was wrong.

Dear God, I was wrong, but I realize my mistakes. And those realizations will build a foundation stronger than anything, which is the correction of error in our futures.

Do not tell me I didn’t give you a chance. I placed an ultimatum for a reason, and what was the response?


And so we pull the trigger a week early

In early 2015, the Dark Warriors were marked as dead by xiunknown, and DW creator Ambrosha. I was one of the many to stand up, and I was one of the few to not sit back down. Many people today agree with my decisions, and many people today look up to them. However, the Dark Warriors should have remained as they were, and I sincerely wish I was not included with the revival of the Dark Warriors.

What exactly have we accomplished in 2015? The Dark Warriors are a target of bias, and are not improving with the absence of a legend in the leadership. In fact, the Dark Warriors are deteriorating without the presence of a legend. There are no people in DW, currently, who know how to keep an army at the top, consistently, despite the hard work and training we have offered & provided them. Our website is becoming decreasingly active, and our event results are even more bleak. It’s impossible to hide.

DW website statistics:

The DW website views are very conclusive. We are falling. We have very bad views on our website, meaning that overall activity has been falling drastically.

CPAC’s Top Ten Results 2015:


January: A legend (me and others) led DW.

February: I believe a few legends quit, causing DW to fall but still remain in the top 3.

March-April: DW closed.

May-August: DW was led by Freezie66 and I, I believe, seeing our last 1st position.

September-December: DW has never seen 1st again, due to a lack of legends.

Instead of participating in a Club Penguin army, which I highly recommend, I suggest you engage in something more active: such as going out with friends, reading books, learning instruments, playing sports. It all counts. I can tell you right now the only thing I gained from Club Penguin Armies is a stronger political standpoint, and I agree – I’m going to use it in the future. However, I have noticed people aren’t here for real-life benefits. It seems as if most people are here simply to “be-here”. If you don’t have something to do, get out. In DW, when you go in, you go all in.

There is no going back. We have been given many chances, and those chances have been wasted. I will not allow this army to be laughed at because I am not here. I will not allow this army to be masked from what it really is. We are the strongest army, and we will go out with bold confidence.

In conclusion, the Dark Warriors cannot sustain themselves at an acceptable standard without the inclusion of a legend such as Xxtoysoldier, Freezie66, Drake, Spi etc..

And with that being said..

Consider this a quick an painless end, as without exception – everyone (historically) will die out within years. And for what can be accomplished in a year, simply isn’t worth it.

In the sole engraving of our names, whether it is I, Xxtoysoldier: Freezie66, Drake, Puf, xiunknown, SaW, or Ambrosha – we officially put the Dark Warriors to an end. Our legacy however, remains.

I am sorry for trying to provide a dishonest route to our inevitable pleasant end.

And for that, I am the epitome of hypocrisy. And my decisions stand strong.

We burn the light.


-Xxtoysoldier, DW Legend

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Server: Frosty – Location: Town


Time: 7:00pm EST, 6:00pm CST, 5:00pm MST, 4:00pm PST

Our HQ

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